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Delicious and easy-to-cook products of vegetable origin with natural ingredients and high nutritional value

Made in Latvia

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"Gardais" produces fast- and easy-to-cook products of vegetable origin with high nutritional value. They are made of natural ingredients and taste excellent ("Gardais" in Latvian means "The Tasty") — for gourmets, vegans, allergic people, environmentalists, athletes, those who cannot cook or are very busy, and those who want to eat quickly but do not want to stuff themselves with junk. Created and handmade in Latvia as environmentally friendly as possible.

Gardais products are available in Estonia too - please visit IlmaPood shops in Tallinn and Tartu.

If you would like to sell Gardais products or distribute them in your country, please contact us: gardais at gardais lv ; +371 23004305